Following the global wave of making all hospitals Baby-Friendly, Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI) program started in government and non-government health facilities (HFs) in Bangladesh since 1992 by BBF with active cooperation and technical assistance by the WHO and funded by UNICEF, Bangladesh. Since 1992, 74 percent (499 out of 670) of the government maternity services have been designated as “Baby friendly” but they gradually deteriorated due to irregular monitoring and evaluation, refresher training, lack of regular funding system.
Goal of BFHI:
  • The primary goal of the project is to transform facilities providing maternity services to baby friendly hospitals through implementation of the Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding. 
  • Stricter implementation of The Breast Milk Substitutes, Infant Foods, Commercially Manufactured Complementary Foods and the Accessories There to (Regulation of Marketing) Act, 2013 in the hospitals by hospital administration as well as by all its staff members. 
As a response to the fact and according to the directives of Honorable Prime Minister “to take necessary measures to transform all the hospitals, health-complexes and clinics of Bangladesh into baby-friendly and revitalization of the baby friendly hospitals”, BBF with the support of government initiated revitalization of BFHI in 2012 as the only experienced and capable organization for training and revitalization of Baby Friendly Hospitals (BFH) in Bangladesh. In order to success in revitalization of BFHI, BBF is able to rapidly cover the entire country through the experienced and trained experts professors from the Department of Pediatrics and OBS and Gynecologists spread in all medical colleges. 
Therefore, from 2012-2016, BBF conducted revitalization of BFHI training program at 592 GoB and non-GoB health facilities with total number of 7,020 participants. A team of BFHI expert assessors were also trained from 7 divisions. Finally 49.6% health facilities were accredited as ‘Baby-Friendly’.
  • Now Baby Friendly Hospitals have been monitored. 
  • Arranged BFHI conference (1st conference in the Asia Pacific)
  • BBF also participated in BFHI congress with government from Bangladesh on 2016 in Geneva.