LMC Service

It is essential that mothers do breastfeed their children exclusively for 6 months and continue up to 2 years including complementary feeding. It is important that mothers maintain proper position and attachment during breastfeeding (BF) to enable infants in sucking adequately and makes mothers confident. In case of any problem only lactation specialist can soothe mothers to breastfeed the child properly and manage issues arising from BF. We share, here, some of our experiences & observations pertaining to this issue. 
To sustain protection, promotion & support of countrywide BF, the Bangladesh Breastfeeding Foundation (BBF) has established a Central Lactation Management Center (LMC).
The services that the BBF-LMC provides to the lactating mothers, regularly, are: mothers/ family counseling on BF and on various aspects of maternal nutrition, advising & demonstrating on appropriate positioning & attachment during breastfeeding solving related difficulties, breast-milk expression & scientific method of painless breast massage ‘OKETANI’.
In BBF-LMC, 120 mothers were served over the last 12 months period. Most of the mothers (70.8%) did not know the appropriate positioning/attachment, another 50 mothers were not confident, nervous and had less knowledge on BF, 18 had engorged breast, 21 had flat/ inverted/cracked nipples, and 20 produced less breast milk. Fifty-one mothers received Oketani breast massage once for 30-40 minutes that increased quantity & quality of breast-milk making the mothers satisfied. 
Most of the mothers who has received the services at the BBF-LMC got satisfied both physically and psychologically. It is imperative that LMC-service should be familiarized/ spread out across the country, particularly in large &/or district-level hospital set-up.