Mission & Vision


  1. To ensure colostrum feeding and universal exclusive breastfeeding (EBF) for the first 6 months (180 days) and all babies breastfed in the first hour after birth for International and national contexts. Continuation of breastfeeding for at least two years
  2. Timely introduction of appropriate and adequate locally available homemade complementary feeding (CF) after the completion of EBF at 6 months old
  3. To assist Governments to monitor and execute BMS law and associated actions
  4. To promote, protect and support BF, CF & MN through the exchange of skills, knowledge and experience among national and international participants
  5. Improve Capacity building through IYCF training
  6. Identify new areas of research to promote innovation in the field.


The BBF advances knowledge on IYCF (BF & CF) and MN on National and International scale through service, training and research.


  • Achieve and sustain universal exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months (180 days) and ensuring colostrum feeding for all babies from immediately after birth.
  • Continuation of breastfeeding at least upto 2 yrs
  • Timely introduction of appropriate and adequate homemade complementary food after completion of 6 months (180 days).
  • Improve the nutritional status of pregnant and lactating mother.


  1. Effective national, sub-national and international networks
  2. Intersectional and gender-sensitive linkages.
  3. Work alongside the Government of Bangladesh for effective national, sub-national and international impact to improve IYCF and MN
  4. Integration of IYCF and MN for protection, promotion and support improving health care infrastructure and professional excellence
  5. Effective communication strategies and community participation to reach all segments of population
  6. Legal framework: BMS Act implementation to protect infant and child health
  7. Development of IYCF through research and development in Bangladesh & Internationally
  8. To abide global IYCF strategies in partnership with WABA, IBFAN, One Asia, SAIFARN, ILLCI, Well Start etc.